The Best Gift Ideas For Those Who Love Tennis

Launching tennis balls into the air

Finding the perfect gift for someone is difficult, especially if they have everything already! You’ve considered what you got them last year, and now you’re searching for something better, but everything screams mediocrity – we’ve all been there. 

If you know an avid tennis player or a hobby enthusiast, buying them a tennis gift is a unique way of supporting their passion while gifting them something no one has before. 

With Christmas Day fast approaching, let’s explore some of our favourite tennis gift ideas.  

How to choose the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift has always been a challenge. We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s the thought that counts,” which is somewhat true, but how do you make the final decision?  

The fundamental to ensure you’re getting a good gift is this.  Ensure you’re giving items that offer sentimental value, whether you’ve found a handy solution to a pain point or a gift in line with their passion or hobby. 

Whatever item you decide to go for, if it’s in line with something they love to wear or do, you’re onto a winner.

What’s a good gift for someone who loves tennis? 

Finding the perfect gift for a tennis lover doesn’t need to be difficult. When searching for a good gift for a tennis enthusiast, consider their style and what they wear on the court – make sure to look out for any commonalities. 

Catering to their taste is key to giving someone the perfect gift, but with this comes your next challenge: deciding which item to go for. But don’t worry, we’ve covered you with our favourite tennis gift ideas. 

Tennis Gift Ideas

Ready for some inspiration? Whether you’re looking for the best tennis gift for your child, parent, partner, siblings or friend, we’ve got tennis gift ideas for everyone. 

Secret Santa gifts for tennis lovers

Subtle and sweet, ditch the standard Secret Santa gifts and opt for some tennis accessories. Never underestimate the importance of tennis accessories. After all, when it comes to winning, it’s all about the small things to help you stand out from the rest. 

Whether stylish vintage bandanas or sleek wristbands to soak up the sweat in an intense match, an affordable accessory prioritises comfort, making it a great gift for Secret Santa or Christmas stockings. 

What about socks? While they don’t scream excitement, tennis socks are a necessity they will undoubtedly need on the court. Tennis socks are made from a multitude of materials, such as cotton or elastane, designed to offer maximum comfort. They’re going to need them eventually, so why not save them the effort?

Fila vintage borg bandana

Tennis gifts for her

If your loved one hits the court in style, consider gifting her some tennis clothing fit for their activity. A stunning vintage Fila track top with a matching skort has been a generational favourite.

Here at Golden Age, it’s hard to choose just one item, with a plethora of vintage clothing available. If you’re still unsure what she likes, minimal items with subtle branding are always a safe bet, presenting a chic aesthetic while remaining practical.

Maggia newcombe track top

Tennis gifts for him

For those who love tennis, on and off the court, a great tennis gift idea is replicating clothing inspired by tennis legends. 

Here at Golden Age, we have a plethora of collections inspired by the greats. From the number 1 tennis player who won an impressive 7 slam wins, you can channel your inner John Newcombe by exploring our vintage range.

Incorporating this iconic clothing into a gift will impress your loved one, and while they may not be the next Newcombe, it sure will motivate them to replicate the iconic moves on the court.

Maggia Newcombe V-Kneck Polo

Tennis gifts for parents

For the parents looking to reminisce, our specialist vintage tennis attire at Golden Age will give them the nostalgia boost they need. From expertly tailored track pants ideal for an active father to vintage tennis shoes for your mother who loves to remain active and stylish – we’ve got it all. 

Delight your parents with a vintage item by authentic designers today, completing their look with attractive and practical designs. 

Diadora Borg Elite Tennis Shoes

Tennis gifts for your child

Tennis has no age limit, and a great gift for a child looking for new adventures is our adorable tennis attire collaborating with the legendary children’s cartoon looney tunes.

Your child can head onto the court with a full new look and immerse themselves in a new hobby without any uncomfortable, ill-fitting tennis clothing. 

Ellesse Tweetcycle Looney Tunes Track Top

We hope you’ve taken some gift inspiration from our tennis gift ideas, whoever it’s for. Whatever the day, we’re sure you’re gifting something they’ll love! 

Whether or not they’ve found a new profound passion for tennis or they’re a tennis champion, gifting tennis attire is sure to make their day. 

If you’re still on the search, explore our stunning range of tennis attire for the perfect tennis gift. 

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