Roscoe on Maggia!

We caught up with our Ambassador Roscoe Tanner recently regarding the re-launch of Maggia and this is what he said.

“It’s fantastic seeing the Maggia clothing coming back – I actually got to wear a prototype of the Newcombe top earlier in the year at the GAOT event, and I really loved it. There are a million great stories about Newcombe, and it reminded me then of one particular story at a tournament in Japan. Back in those days, of course, the tour was different – players socialized much more with each other than now. Anyhow, this one time a bunch of us met up for dinner at the end of the day’s play and ended up playing a drinking game. What you had to do was pick up the little cup of Saki with your mouth and drink it without spilling a drop – spill a drop and you had to start again. And the more you spill the harder it gets, I can tell you. Newcombe, however, was as good at this as he was at doubles – which is to say he was absolutely brilliant. So, of all of us he’s the only one not tottering back to his room that night. Next morning in the locker room, however, strangely, John is making a big show of how bad he feels. He’s playing Raz Reid this day – and Raz most certainly wasn’t a natural at the Saki game, and is looking decidedly pale. John goes up to him and says, “Raz, we’re both feeling pretty rough, how about we do a deal and agree no drop shots today.” Raz looks mighty relieved at this, and agrees straight away. They go out and knock – up, where John, miraculously, seems to look a whole lot better straight away. When they start the match, without a word of lie, I’m pretty sure Newcombe drop-shotted him in every one of the first ten points. Poor old Raz looked like he’d rather have been just about anywhere else that day. Great days – Newcombe was a great guy to be around as well as a great player. And he really did look every inch the superstar when he was wearing that Maggia gear which many of us envied.”

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