Maggia Launch Event

GAOT’s Al Thomson and Ludovico Maggia wearing the Vitas Gerulaitis prototypes

Tennis is a game played by young and old alike. Yes, of course we lose some of the speed and power of our youth as we age, but hopefully we make up for this with guile and experience. The second annual match between the Oratory School in Berkshire, UK, and a select Golden Age of Tennis team marked the perfect opportunity to put this theory to the test. The event also marked the launch of our Maggia range of clothing, so we had a special two days planned.

The Venue? Well, the Oratory tennis courts are no ordinary courts – set in an ancient walled garden, there are no finer grass courts this side of Wimbledon. Last year the school team beat GAOT by a single point. This year we knew we had to up our game. Greats from the past were brought on board – Roscoe Tanner; John Lloyd; Lisa Bonder. We had practiced like our lives depended on it – Peter Mullin, GAOT CEO, was particularly desperate to recover from his dismal 0-3 showing of last year. And we changed the rules, with single set matches the order of play to ensure that youthful stamina wasn’t against us. And so, full of confidence, last Friday morning battle commenced under a clear June sky.

But all the GAOT plotting came to naught. Mullin and Tanner are trounced 6-2 to open proceedings, and this sets the tone; the Oratory lead 17-11 at the end of day one. A beautiful BBQ and plentiful drinks lift the mood in the camp, but hardly provides the kind of preparation needed for the great comeback. But, nevertheless, the comeback flutters briefly for a while on Saturday morning – only to be blown away on the Saturday afternoon by the fitter breezy youngsters, who ride out 31-19 winners, and once again lift the trophy. Saturday night is late – very late indeed for some. The Maggia launch is commemorated with a fantastic party as we lick our wounds, and dance away to the early hours to bands on a stage festooned with the beautiful Maggia logo.

And what of the clothes? Well, they are stunning. The highest quality cloth, woven at the Maggia factory in Biella, and replicating the fabulous designs first worn by Billy-Jean King, Vitas Gerulaitis and John Newcombe. Timeless classics. They looked fabulous on everyone who wore them, young and old alike. Though, if we are totally honest, the kids may have just edged us here too – making this fine old brand look as modern and cool as anything they might wear today.

It was a great weekend. The Maggia family were there; tennis greats from the golden years were there; our beautiful clothes are finally ready and will be available on later this month. A weekend fitting to celebrate the start of something special.

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