6 Benefits of Playing Tennis That People Should Know

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We’ve seen generations of talented tennis players make history on the court, but you don’t need to have an elite skill level to see the benefits tennis provides. 

Adding small amounts of activity to your lifestyle has been proven to benefit your health. But that’s not all. Check out 6 benefits of playing tennis that will greatly improve your quality of life. 


You’re getting a workout in

We all know working out is important. However, some people struggle to stay consistent with their new fitness goals. If this sounds like you, it could be because you don’t enjoy your chosen workout or activity. Changing your sport to tennis could be the change you need. 

While it may not feel like a workout, a 30-minute game of tennis requires you to take part in an activity where you have to run, jump and slam your way through. 

This naturally increases your heart rate, reduces stress levels, and even helps you lose a couple of pounds. 

We highly recommend doing something you love to keep your fitness goals consistent. If you enjoy tennis and you’re considering picking up the racket again, do it. Adding exercise into your routine that doesn’t feel like exercise is the perfect way to get fit! 

Why is tennis classed as a healthy sport? 

Tennis is classed as a healthy sport as it requires high amounts of physical activity. Whether making a gram slam or practising against a wall, tennis requires you to be agile, strong and balanced. 

Tennis is versatile, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, which is what makes it so popular. Whatever level you’re at, you can get your heart rate up simply by visiting your local court.

If you want to get healthy, why not grab a friend and check out your local tennis court? You may even meet more advanced players who can give you some added tips.

Tennis improves your mental health

In the age where you can access almost anything digitally, you may skip your daily exercise to cosy up on the sofa and watch another episode of whatever binge-worthy show you’re on. 

Cutting out exercise and daily fresh air has been proven to cloud your mindset significantly. Going outdoors for 30 minutes a day has proven to decrease the chances of serious mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. 

Socialising and exercise are vital for your mental health. Tennis allows you to exercise outside, socialise with others, and gives you your recommended daily heart rate boost. 

Another benefit of tennis is that it is a stress reliever. Stress will significantly impact your mental health for the worse. Playing tennis will reduce stress levels by offering escapism and giving you a dopamine hit.

Woman about to serve the ball in tennis

Why does tennis make you happy?

Tennis increases your heart rate like all exercises. When you increase your heart rate during exercise, your brain releases chemicals that reduce anxiety and make you happy. 

Exercising regularly and improving your skills for the sport will lead to confidence. As you progressively get more confident, you will see a boost in self-esteem, effectively making you happier.

Increases stamina

If you’ve played tennis, you’ll know it requires a surprising amount of stamina. Tennis is a high-intensity sport. You have to run to swing the ball back and jump to stop a potential point. 

As you play, you will feel your stamina start to improve. Your anaerobic capacity will widen, and you can keep going without becoming breathless.

Tennis requires explosive jumps and sporadic sprints, which may seem over-ambitious for those looking to start. We recommend tennis for everyone, but if you want to build up your fitness prior, consider jogging for 15 minutes a day or trying to hit your recommended 10,000 daily steps. 

Do you need stamina for tennis?

A game of tennis can last for 3 hours and require hundreds of explosive movements throughout. If you plan on playing tennis games for this amount of time, it does require a heavy amount of stamina and endurance. 

If you’re a beginner, you can still play tennis. We recommend starting with shorter games as a beginner and increasing the intensity as you improve. 

It is also important to avoid burnout. Commonly associated with the gym, burnout can happen with all sports and is the act of overtraining and feeling too sore and tired to make it to your next tennis game. 

Treat your progress as a journey. You’ll never become an elite tennis player overnight. Be patient and focus on small improvements, as this will lead to consistency, which is the key to mastering any skill. 

You’ll get more toned

When consistent, you will notice many body changes when playing tennis, including muscle gain and fat loss. 

Mixing exercise with a healthy diet will change your body. As time passes, you’ll notice more definition on your arms and quads from explosive movements and combative swings.

Your sleep, skin and bodily functions will improve, boosting your self-esteem, confidence and appearance. 

Does tennis help you gain muscle? 

Tennis helps you gain muscle. When stressed, the body will find a way to combat and repair damage, which is the same for our muscles. 

When you overwork your muscles, your body will rebuild them when you sleep, making them slightly stronger after working out. Over a long period, you will find that your new muscle tissue allows you to make a stronger slam or a higher jump.

As we build muscle while we sleep, you must prioritise sleep when playing tennis or any sport. Not only does having a healthy amount of sleep – around 7-9 hours a night – build muscle, but it provides the energy you need to play. 

You’ll improve your balance

With frequent changes in direction, tennis will improve your coordination the more you participate. These consistent movements generally lead to improvements in your life off the court. You may notice improved agility, better form and balance in your day-to-day life. 

You may not realise it, but concentration is important for staying balanced. Tennis has been proven to improve your concentration, which helps you with tasks that require a large amount of focus for long periods. 

How can you improve your balance? 

Playing tennis is a fun way to improve your balance, but any activities such as walking, running, and other sports are great ways to do it. 

Daily stretching is another way to develop your balance while improving your mobility which will improve your tennis skills and exercise in general. 

There various physical health benefits

You can reap many physical health benefits from playing tennis, including lowering your blood pressure and improving metabolic function and bone density.

Incorporating tennis into your routine will help you feel better, and when paired with a nutrient-dense diet, you may even feel amazing. 

From beginner to advanced, tennis is a sport for all. Whether you’re looking for something new to try out or need a fun way to exercise, tennis is a great sport to improve your health. 

What are the benefits of playing tennis?

With benefits for your mental and physical health and improvements in balance and concentration, the benefits of tennis continue to appear. 

Tennis adds a sense of community to your life, whether playing or watching from afar. What’s more, participating in a tennis game is an enjoyable exercise that consistently enhances your daily duties with improved health.

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