Jimmy Connors Circa 81 Tennis Polo Shirt in Navy w White Piping

As worn by Jimmy Connors

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Circa 81 arrive on the casual scene with their Jimmy Connors polo shirt - a key new look based on past 80s tennis favourites. A fresh design and take on the iconic Jimmy Connors Cerruti 1881 shirt Back in the day this was the number 1 shirt to have.

100% cotton - Outstanding quality.

Circa 81 has got everyone excited, not following any throwaway fashion trend Circa 81 is a brand based on style, in the making for over 30 years, born from the era of elitist sports casuals and tennis elite, manufactured with due care by a team who have equal years’ experience and key old skool values. On what we have seen to date they are not short of great ideas.

As worn by:
Jimmy Connors